Cofradía de Pescadores (Fishermans Guild)

Muelle Pesquero

The Fisheries Association of Ametlla de Mar was incorporated in 1891 under the name of The Sant Pere Society.
It was, in principle, a guild society and has been adapted to the political and economic changes of the Company.ç
From the Second Republic until after the Civil War there were two institutions, the Society of St. Peter (right wing) and the Fishermen Granary (left wing).
When the Civil War ended, the Franco regime controlled the Fishermen's associations.
However, with the name Fishermen's associations also goes "Public Law Corporations", which are organs of consultation and collaboration with government, and are intended to represent and defend the interests of fishermen and marketing and control of fishery products, given that the fish are not a private product, but that fish stocks are public, licenses are required to catch them and the Guild rules, among others, must by complied with and enforced.
The Brotherhood is equal in its governing bodies, ie, half of the members are owners and half crew, because the compensation system is fair, and therefore all decisions and agreements made in the Brotherhood affect the economy of both the owners and the crew.
The Guild manages the auction and is in charge of collecting from the buyer and pay the fisherman.
We have established a system of social security payments managed by the Guild on behalf of all companies.
The brothers advise on matters of their profession.

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