Beaches and coves

bandera blava

Blue flag beaches

Platges bandera blava

The distinctive Blue Flag, an internationally recognized award, officially recognizes that our beaches have the guarantee of services and environmental quality Conferred by ADEAC (Association de Educacion Ambiental y del Consumidor), it promotes beaches that comply to the requirements of adaptability for the disabled people.

he year 2018 L'Ametlla de Mar has obtained 5 blue flags on the beaches of Calaforn, Sant Jordi, L'Alguer, Pixa-Vaques and Calafató

bandera verda

Unsploited beaches

Plattges verges

The Virgin Beach emblem is granted by Ecologists in Action. This award values beaches that are in excellent environmental conditions and where there is either very little or no human intervention.

Nude beaches

Platges naturistes

The Torrent del Pi beach: is an ideal place for authentic nature lovers. There is a rocky formation which creates a small cliff combined with a posedonia meadow. There is also a PEIN (Plan of places of nature interest) area here.

Beaches suitable for pets

Platges aptes per mascotes

The Bon Caponet beach is a beach where pets are allowed to seim and also has a bag-dispensing and pipican.

Sandy beaches

Platges de sorra

Stone beaches

Platges de pedra

bandera verda

Beaches ....

Platges d'accés minusvàlids

bandera blava

Beaches with seagrass

Platges amb posidònia

Posidonia Oceanica, commonly known as seaweed, is, in fact, sea grass and acts as a bio indicator. Its presence indicates the excellent quality of the sea water. These plants are frequently found on our beaches; shorelines and at places where we swim in our municipality. Its presence indicates that the sea water is of superb quality. Posidonia and other marine phanerogams create extensive submarine meadows where many vertebrates and invertebrates take refuge.

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