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L'Ametlla de Mar Natural Coastline with bird's eye view

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29/06/18 12:00h - 11/09/18 00:00h

30/07/18 - 15/09/18

Disco El Ranxo

11/08/18 16:15h - 27/10/18 00:00h

Shooting Range Punta Calda

13/08/18 09:00h - 31/12/18 14:00h


13/08/18 19:00h - 25/08/18 21:00h

Day Ham

20/08/18 22:00h - 23:59h

Duo a Tempo Music

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Instagram gallery

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Who we are?

The aims of L’Ametlla de Mar Municipal Tourist Office are:
  • · To actively promote L’Ametlla de Mar in the tourist market and co-ordinate the different sectors that are interested in expanding the tourist industry here.
  • · To produce advertising material that effectively promotes the town.
  • · To contribute to the protection of both the natural resourses and cultural/ social principles within the municipality.
  • · To deal with tourist information and activities and to organize any type of activity that could improve the quality of a tourist’s leisure time.
  • · To carry out advertising campaigns that promote the tourist industry in L’Ametlla de Mar and develop the idea of "Tourism For Everyone".
  • · To propose, negotiate and carry out any activity that could contribute to fostering tourism in L’Ametlla de Mar.

We have decided that a deeper concept of holidays other than that of “sun and beach” is optimum here. We would like to pass on to our visitors the idea that they can interrupt their daily routines and spend healthy holidays in touch with Nature in the surroundings of a traditional fishing town (doing sports, eating healthily and relaxing).


L’Ametlla de Mar Tourism Office is characterized by trying to achieve the following values.

Values with respect to the environment:

  • · Involvement in the surrounding area
  • · Harmony with Nature
  • · Sustaninability
  • · Respect
  • · Admiration
Values with respect to the service given:

  • · Quality
  • · Honesty
  • · Differentiation
  • · Innovation
  • · Co-operation
  • · Ethics
  • · Communication
  • · Formation / Education
  • · Productivity
  • · Enthusiasm
Values with respect to the customers:

  • · Familiarity
  • · Respect
  • · Closeness
  • · Participation
  • · Communication
  • · Friendliness
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